Alrowad avails immersive Virtual Reality experiences through a unique partnership with VRMADA

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Alrowad IT Solutions signed an understanding with VRMADA, a leading virtual reality agency based in Madrid, Spain dedicated to crafting engagements connecting clients with their audiences in memorable experiences.

“This agreement is made possible to serve our partner’s needs”, said Patrick Osta, VP Business Development & Operations and Managing Director of Dubai Office of Alrowad IT. “We will utilize this unique partnership and unprecedented capabilities of VRMADA to facilitate training programs for our partners, public and private sectors in the UAE”.

“The type of input handling across different platforms will help our partners increase knowledge capacity of their technical teams and adopt unique experiences for their customers”, Patrick continued.

“Recreating shopping experiences for retail and eCommerce, customers experience in aviation and airports and helping real estate developers boost sales are all industries in the UAE that can leverage from this agreement”, Patrick concluded.