Gaining a Strategic Competitive Advantage through Manpower Planning

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

National Human Resources are the country's most precious asset.  This Human Capital represents the basic capital that has the biggest impact on its productivity.
The more skilled and effective National Human Resources are, the more capable they become to boost our economy’s competitiveness and ability to achieve sustainable economic development.

Meeting the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision will require the development of innovative HR practices and the unleashing of ideas in science and new technology to further boost productivity.  We will need to find practical and executive solutions to overcome impediments to the desired outcomes.

The ALROWAD IT Solutions e-HR Planning System enables you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your workforce to determine and define key jobs and competencies essential to fulfilling your organizational goals and strategies.

Benefits of the e-HR Planning System:

Reduces workforce planning cycle time.

Performs workforce analysis, evaluates workforce against key factors to determine strengths and weaknesses and identifies potential concerns.

Reviews jobs and competencies from multiple dimensions to assess existing competencies within your workforce and models future workforce scenarios.

Job description review and development will assist in defining job responsibilities and titles.

Greater workforce planning accuracy, predictability and accountability.

Packaged application with pre-built functionality and flexible customization tools.

Better performing hires by improving the match between the company’s expectations and those of candidates.

The ability to connect long-term business planning to staffing practices and strategies.

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