An inspiring story: Ahmed, an ambition greater than big data

Friday, May 11, 2018


Ahmed Abdelfattah, 32 years old, born in the United Arab Emirates with a great ambition, determination and an unprecedented will.

Ahmed was born with a spina bifida, a birth defect that during development, the neural tube does not close all the way, so the backbone that protects the spine does not form completely. The spinal canal remains open along several vertebrae in the back.

Ahmed was 3 months old baby when he undergone a surgery to remove a fluid-filled sac formed around the spinal cord. The surgery saved his life but the defect prevented him from walking. He recently undergone a successful surgery to treat spinal curvature.

Since his childhood, Ahmed believed in his ability, ambitions and dreams. He was supported by the continuous motivation of both of his parents to pursuit his education in public schools, which lacked the support for people with special needs during his primary school years. Both his parents also helped him find a suitable apartment and to further pursuit his studies to achieve a bachelor and a master’s degree as well as support his daily mobilization needs.

Ahmed was influenced by the founding leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s love for goodness and work to better people’s lives. Ahmed knew early that data will become the most expensive commodity. He completed his studies in software engineering and received his bachelor’s degree from Al-Hosn University in Abu Dhabi to pursuit his master’s degree in engineering management gaining a deeper understanding of data management and analysis.



Ahmed decided to put his knowledge into practice by moving between the IT department sections at Abu Dhabi police for five years within an outsource contract with Alrowad IT, to later engage with the company in the helpdesk support established for all the works of its strategic partners.

Today, Ahmed is closer to achieving his dream when HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the one million Arab coders initiative. Ahmed had registered his name and started his data analysis course on 3 May 2018.

Ahmed is very optimistic and always carries his smile around. He inspires all his colleagues when he’s asked about the greatest challenge in his life to simply answer: the final Highschool exam (12th grade or year 13), as most of his peers back then.

We have provided Ahmed with an online platform through the company’s social accounts to highlight his journey and share his inspiration with others just like he inspires his colleagues everyday that: The impossible cannot exist while there is determination, will, optimism and hope.


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